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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Is UT "sex week" already against the law?

Tiffany Leeper seems to think it may be.


  1. Perhaps you, Ms. Leeper, and others can go through the volumes of books and periodicals at UT’s library, pull all “obscene” materials off the shelves, then have yourselves a big, old-fashioned book burning.
    You guys and your histrionics over “obscene” materials crack me up.

  2. If it is, then the Common Core "state" Standards recommended book reading list (even though the common core whores keep saying "it isn't a curriculum") is just as guilty. Take a look at the Bluest Eye and Dreaming in Cuban.

    How does reading a first-person account of a pedophile raping children prepare minors to "compete in the global marketplace"?

    And since the common core whores call the standards "state-led", just who exactly from Tennessee worked on putting that reading list together and/or DIDN'T OBJECT TO THE CONTENT?

    Phil Bredesen? Tim Webb? B. Fielding Rolston? Those are your NGA/CCSSO players getting millions from Bill Gates and the signatories of the Race To the Trough application committing TN to the standards. They should know.

  3. Stacey, I have posted on your site multiple times and several of those times you have not posted my comments, saying that I didn't follow the rules.
    I'm actually stunned you would allow a posting by someone using the language above. Seriously, "Eric H." has crossed a line.

    1. I call them whores, because I can't think of a better name for those who prostitute their position to continue to foster lies about their so-called "state-led" standards when we know they are part of organizations that are all being paid millions of dollars by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to implement them on a national level. Go to the Foundation website. Look under awarded grants. Search for National Governor's Association (Bredesen & Haslam members), Council of Chief State School Officers (Webb & Huffman members), Tennessee State Board of Education (B. Fielding Rolston chairman), City of Memphis, Achieve Inc.(Bredesen and Haslam, board members), TNSCORE (Bill Frist and Jamie Woodson). The TN executive branch has been getting bribes from Gates for a long time - at least back to the Diploma Project. It's in plain sight.

      Think those books aren't part of Common Core? Here's their own documentation:


      If someone in TN really worked on the Common Core "state" standards that recommend multiple porn texts as "exemplars" for 11th graders, I would LOVE to give them credit for it. If you think I've exaggerated the description of the text above, just look for it. I'm not the first person to notice.

    2. I just don’t understand what you’re getting at… I don’t have kids. I know little about “Common Core”.
      But what it seems like you’re saying is that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is trying to indoctrinate kids into a variety of lifestyles, using “pornographic text” and “graphic images”.
      I always hesitate to believe these kinds of conspiracy theories.
      A recent article in “The Tennessean” basically debunked Tea Party candidate, Victoria Jackson’s, claim that 9 year old 4th graders were being taught about homosexuality, condom use, and masturbation; using graphic imagery.
      Nevertheless, to use the word “whore” is completely unwarranted regardless of what’s going on. In the context you’re using the word then any capitalist would be considered a “whore”.
      I think you need to back off on the hyperbole and rhetoric.
      I still can’t believe that Stacey is allowing the word to be thrown around so loosely.

    3. "I just don’t understand what you’re getting at"

      It is a violation of state obscenity law to make written pornography available to minors. The two Common Core English Language Arts Text Exemplars I mentioned (and there could be more) are both pornographic. Providing that material to a minor is a Class A misdemeanor. If the students then acted out any of the pedophilia contained in The Bluest Eye, the school system/state board of education would also be guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

      The governor, education commissioner and TNSCORE Jamie Woodson continue to play the charade that these standards are "state-led" and parade around Arne Duncan to remind us they are not a federal government idea. All those parties have a financial conflict of interest (except Duncan as far as I know) and are part of multiple organizations receiving millions of dollars each from Bill Gates and/or are directly profiting from the implementation of Common Core testing or state policies created as a result. That's not a theory unless you think Gates is lying on his foundation website. If they want us to believe Common Core is all "state-led", they should step up and defend why they thought violating state obscenity law was a necessary thing to "prepare your children to compete in the global marketplace".


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